Horizon Webserver

HORIZONE is the ideal solution to manage every technological sub-systems for home evolution: lighting, blinds/shadows, temperature, loads control, power consumptions, door intercom system, irrigation system, security cameras, alarm system, music/video. The system HORIZONE has been designed to deliver full control in an installation with one only tool. Easy access from Pc/Mac or mobile devices, from your house or from remote. Built over a reliable and powerful software architecture, HORIZONE allows users with many possibilities to create scenarios, logics, and advanced controls with simplicity.

HORIZONE, available in different sizes, is the perfect solution either for small environments, like professional studios, shops, showrooms, and for extended applications in commercial malls, office buildings, sport complexes, hospitals. Dedicated centralised management functions are also available for multi-facility corporations, as for shops or delocalised manufacturing sites. The solution is scalable, from small to more complex installations, also in steps and with no changes to the process and architecture. Moreover, the system is not requiring any working PC in the installation.

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