ITUS protects life, property and businesses all over the world


We are adamant on consistent performance and optimum design whatever your needs, whatever the operating conditions, always determined to deliver a reliable and robust system that you can always rely on when you need it.


Close business relationships with our customers, partners and associates are of paramount importance in establishing and re-enforcing foundations of loyalty, honesty and assurance.


We never undermine technology, products and system integrity in offering the most appropriate system solution according to your specific needs.


We offer high quality systems with comprehensive features, aesthetically designed for any environment. Professionalism, expertise and competency are in our culture to offer you an overall deliverable package to the last detail and of the highest standard.

These characteristics make ITUS SYSTEMS prominent and unique, found in the DNA of a group of dynamic people, who created ITUS SYSTEMS to serve communities and industry with exceptional difference and purpose in the field of fire protection, fire alarm detection, suppression and security.

ITUS – based in the EU, protects life, property and businesses all over the world by providing competitive and tailored solutions, unlimited support and continuous service – the ITUS way.

We are a team of qualified professionals, each possessing from 20 – 30+ years experience in the fire trade. A young company with extensive experience and knowledge gained on an international level. We have observed, assessed and learned from others, and we continue to do so, so that we can take advantage of this knowledge to become even better, to ensure an overall effective and efficient service, thus providing the absolute assurance of ITUS SYSTEMS and a peace of mind to our customers.

 Our Logo

A shield is to guard and to protect. A flaming fire, separates safety from harm. Red, a reminder of the danger and destructive nature of fire. Blue, the force of strength, confidence and trust to combat and eradicate fire, and to preserve.